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REDD+ Himalaya

REDD+ Himalaya: developing and using experience in implementing REDD+ in Himalaya

REDD+ Himalaya progress report 2015- click to download

Project brief

This regional level project operating in Bhutan, India, Myanmar and Nepal was designed to assist the countries to develop technical capacity in REDD+ processes which the countries are undertaking. As a regional level project, the project’s objective is to improve the conditions for implementing REDD+ measures to mitigate climate change that are socially and environmentally sound in four Himalayan countries. At the same time, the multiple benefits of REDD+ help the project systematically consider climate risks and the potential for adaptive capacity to climate change of the local population. ICIMOD coordinates the project at regional level. However, REDD+ focal authorities of partner countries coordinate the project at national level. Each of the partner countries need to sign a letter of agreement (LOA) with ICIMOD and develop country specific plans and programs to be implemented by themselves.

Nepal specific objective

Letter of agreement (LOA) of the project in Nepal was signed between Ministry of Forest and Soil Conservation (MFSC) and ICMID on 19th May 2015. The specific objective of the REDD+ Himalaya project in Nepal is to strengthen the capacity of the REDD Implementation Centre (RIC) to prepare itself for implementation of REDD+ activities at sub-national level. This project will assist in the establishment and development of the REDD desk in operating districts which will be used as learning centers for mainstreaming REDD+ activities in sustainable forest management practices.  

Project area

Districts of Dolkha, Gorkha and Chitwan in Nepal

Project duration and budget allocation

The three and a half year project was officially launched from 19th May 2015 and will be completed by 31 December 2018. The total amount payable under this project is equivalent to Euro 300,000 (Three hundred thousand Euros only).


Mohan Poudel, PhD

Coordinator, Project Management Unit, REDD IC


Mob: 9841433332, Office: 014239126